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The FluteTree web site is a community service projects brought to you by the FluteTree Foundation and is a labor of love by its many contributors. The FluteTree Foundation maintains a fairly generous "fair use" policy of its content, which aligns with it's mission of sharing the legacy of the Native American flute and of the contemporary flute's inspired by them. The primary restriction on this content is "no commercial use without express written permission."

FluteTree content is copyrighted, but you may print, reproduce and use the information on the site provided:

  1. The content is only used for non-commercial, personal, educational purposes, or cataloging by publicly accessible search engines.
  2. FluteTree is acknowledged as the source of the material.
  3. Any substantive changes to the material must be noted.
  4. You include any copyright notice originally provided in the materials. If a particular author places further restrictions on originally provided materials, you must honor those restrictions. In some instances, specific informational content may be copyrighted by others. By using any of this material, you assume all risks of copyright infringement and related liability.
  5. A substantial portion of the entire work may not be reproduced, unless it is for individual use or for a publicly accessible search engine:

Contributors have donated original works to shared with the flute community. These works are copyrighted by the artist, and may not be reproduced in any other form (except for educational, non-commercial, and personal enjoyment as provided here) without the written consent of the artist. FluteTree does not indemnify nor hold harmless users of FluteTree material, nor release such users from copyright infringement, nor grant exclusive use rights to FluteTree material. So if you want to include a contributed work in some commercial project, like publishing a songbook, this is between you and the contributing artist. FluteTree places no restrictions on what a contributor can do with their own works of art.

FluteTree attempts to be a good citizen and respect the copyrights of others. FluteTree routinely receive song requests for material that is copyrighted. After a copyright search, such requests are politely denied. FluteTree contributors will occasionally submit a song that is copyrighted. Unless the original artist gives permission to include the song on the site, such submissions are also politely denied. FluteTree also maintains a growing list of songs that are published elsewhere for the Native American flute. This list is consulted to avoid duplication of content and as a way to promote the works of others.

If any owners of copyrights believe FluteTree is infringing copyright protected work, they may contact the website administrator, who is listed below. Notification of claimed infringement must contain the information required by and otherwise comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title II, Section 512 (c).

FluteTree tries to be accurate with the content, but this is no guarantee that there are not bugs, mistakes, typos, and other oversights. Efforts are made to make most of the features of FluteTree work with the most popular web browsers, but we cannot fix some weaknesses that are inherent with some browsers or print drivers. If you discover a problem with FluteTree, feel free to report it, and we will look into resolving your issue.

External links are only for the user's convenience in finding related material, and not to be construed as endorsement or sponsorship of any commercial, service, or activity. Many of these vendors are nice people and provide fine products, but your experiences may vary.

FluteTree content and its embedded software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but it is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

If you have suggestions, songs to contribute, request for songs, request to include a link to your website, or questions about the flute or its community, contact FluteTree with the email address provided below.

 --- Robert Gatliff (website administrator)