This songbook is not the product a single person. Many have contributed in making this songbook possible. Thanks to Robert Gatliff for creating and maintaining the songbook. Thanks to Julia Gatliff, the real musician in the Gatliff family, who coached Robert through all sorts of musical difficulties and greatly improved the quality of this songbook, as well as being a regular contributor of melodies. Thanks to R. Carlos Nakai for his insight on the contemporary Native American flute and providing his Tablature for remembering and sharing these melodies. Thanks to John Sarantos for providing the rights to three of his NAF songbooks, and thanks to Kimble Howard and Wayne McCleskey for their contribution in making those songbooks possible in printed form.

Thanks to Mary Munarin, Peter Phippen, John Sarantos, Tony Sawyer, and Mark Rosenbaum for contributing original pieces. Thanks to Joan Johanne, Dan Perra, Greg (Akaluga) Jameson, Mike Foster, Brian Vice, Mary Ridings, Chad Davis, Ivan Iriarte, Sara Duvall, Keith Davis and Gail Kapusnick for contributing melodies. It is always a joy to recieve a new song to share. And thanks to Patricia Partridge for showing me yet another version of Amazing Grace. She is among the many flute makers that have helped to make this flute community and songbook possible. Also thanks to Butch and Laura Hall for some of the earliest contemporary flutes that played the extended scale and all the notes in between. A special thanks to the flute community and their emails that provided feedback, requests, and support for this songbook.

Thanks to all those song catchers of the past: Alice Fletcher, Carlos Troyer, Frederick Burton, Alfred Longley Riggs, And lastly thanks to all those who originally gave us these melodies that we carry on today.

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