T:All My Heart This Night Rejoices (2)
    C:Alto harmony (half-hole version), transposed for NAF by Brian Vice     
	C:German Lyrics by Paul Gerhardt (1656) - Translated by Catherine Winkworth (1858)
    C:Melody by Johann G. Ebeling (1666)
    A2 A2 | =d =c d c | (=d e) =c2 | =d d B2 |
    w:All my heart_ this night re-joi-ces, As I hear,
    B A A2 | =d A B A | A2 F2 | =d2 d2 |
    w:far and hear, sweet-est ang-el voi-ces; 'Christ is
    =d3/2 =c B A | A G A2 | =d d B2 | =d =e d2 |
    w:born,' their choirs are s-ing-ing, Till the air, ev-ery-where,
    A =c =d d | =d =c d2 |]
    w:now with joy is r-ing-ing.

Arrangement Note: This alto part is played on a flute that is 5 half-steps lower than the lead flute.