T:Amazing Grace (2)
	  C:Transposed up a minor 3rd for NAF by Robert Gatliff
    C:Traditional - Lyrics by John Newton (1779) - Melody of 'New Britain' (1829)
    %%measurenb -1 % turn off numbering of measures because some are split
    A3 | =d6 fed | f6 e3 | =d6 B3 | !breath!A6
    w:A-maz-i-n-g grace! How sweet the sound
    A3 | =d6 fed | f6 e2 f | a6- a3- | !breath!a6
    w:That saved a__ wretch like_ me__
    f3 | a6 fe=d | f6 e3 | =d6 B3 | !breath!A6
    w:I once w-a-s lost, but now am found;
    A3 | =d6 fed | f6 e3 | =d6- d3- | !breath!d6 |]
    w:Was blind, b-u-t now I see.__

Arrangement Note: By transposing the melody up a minor 3rd, this arrangement avoids the need for trilling or half-holing.