T:Amazing Grace (4)
    C:Adapted by Robert Gatliff of an arrangement shared by Pat Partridge.
    C:Traditional - Lyrics by John Newton (1779) - Melody of 'New Britain' (1829)
    %%measurenb -1 % turn off numbering of measures because some are split
    F  | B2 (3(d/c/B/) | d2 c    | B2 d   | !breath!F2
    w:A-maz-i-n-g grace! How sweet the sound
    F  | B2 (3(d/c/B/) | d2 c/d/ | f3- | !breath!f2
    w:That saved a__ wretch like_ me_
    d  | f2 (3(d/c/B/) | d2 c    | B2 d   | !breath!F2
    w:I once w-a-s lost, but now am found;
    F  | B2 (3(d/c/B/) | d2 c    | B3- | B2 |] 
    w:Was blind, b-u-t now I see._

Arrangement Note: The 9th note of the traditional 'Amazing Grace' is problematic on these flutes because its pitch requires the half covering the bottom finger hole. This difficult technique is avoided by substituting another pitch from the chord.