T:Ave Maria (1)
    C:Transposed for NAF by Robert Gatliff (high-note version)
    C:Composed by Franz Schubert (1825)
    =d6 cd | f4- f3 e | =d6 z2 | e3 f/e/ =dcBc |
    =d4 z2 f2 | f3 e/=d/ cBfg | f4 =f3 c | e3 =d (3cef (3=gec |
    =d6 fe | e3 c (3Bdf (3afd | e4 Bc (3=dcB | A4 z2 A2 |
    e3 e e>d e>f | e>f =d2 z2 d2 | e3 e (3ede (3=gfe | =d4 z2 d2 |
    e3 e f>f (3fef | a=g- g4 z B | f e2 e (3=dcd (3=fed | e6 z2 |
    =d6 cd | f4- f3 e | =d4 z4 |]

Arrangement Note: Requires a flute that plays well in the upper octave. Depending on the flute this may require some alternative fingerings.