T:Ave Maria (2)
	C:Arranged for NAF by Keith Davis (half-hole version)
    C:Composed by Franz Schubert (1825)
    B6 ^AB | d4- d3 c | B6 z2 | c3 d/c/ B^AGA |
    B4 z2 d2 | d3 c/B/ ^AGd^e | d4 =d3 ^A | c3 B (3^Acd (3ecA |
    B6 dc | c3 ^A (3G^Bd (3fdB | c4 G^A (3BAG | F4 z2 F2 |
    c3 c c>^B c>d | c>d B2 z2 B2 | c3 c (3c^Bc (3edc | B4 z2 B2 |
    c3 c d>d (3dcd | fe- e4 z G | G c2 c (3B^AB (3=dcB | c6 z2 |
    B6 ^AB | d4- d3 c | B4 z4 |]

Arrangement Note: To keep the melody mostly in the lower octave, the melody begins with a lower fingering. Later in the melody, this results in a few half-holed notes. This avoids the higher and shriller fingerings of many flutes. On a flute that half-holes well, this may lead to a more mellow rendition.