T:Away in a Manger
	C:Arranged for NAF by John Sarantos
    C:Harmonized melody by James R. Murray (1877)
    a | a3/2 =g/2 f | (f e) =d   | =d c B  | A2 A  |
    w:A-~way in a man-~ger, no crib for a bed, The
    A3/2 B/2 A      | A e c      | B A =d  | f2 a  |
    w:lit-~tle Lord Je-~sus laid down His sweet head. The
    a3/2 =g/2 f     | (f e) =d   | =d c B  | A2 A  |
    w:stars in the sky_ looked down where he lay, The
    =g3/2 f/2 e     | f e =d     | e (B c) | =d2 x |]
    w:lit-~tle Lord Je-~sus, a-~sleep on the hay.