T:Baloo, Lammy, Balulalow
	T:Lullaby, Little Lamb
	C:Arranged for NAF by John Sarantos
    C:17th Century Scottish Christmas Carol
    A|(B c) =d/2c/2|(B A) A|(B c) f3/4e/4|e2 A|(B c) e/2c/2|
    w:This day_ to_ you_ is born_ a_ Child, of Mary___ 
    (B c) f|(e/2 c3/2) B/2A/2|A2 =g|(f e) c| (B/2c/2e) =g|
    w:meek,_ the Virgin___ mild; That bless - ed Bairn__ so
    f e c/2e/2|e2 =g|(f e) c|(B/2c/2 e) f|(e/2 c3/2) B/2A/2|
    w: lov-~ing and_ kind, Shall now_ re-~joice__ both heart_ and_ 
    A2 A|B c (=d/2c/2)|B A A|B c (f3/4e/4)|
    w:mind; Ba-~lu la low,_ lam-~my; ba-~lu la low_
    e2 A|B c (e/2c/2)|B c f|(e/2 c3/2) (B3/4A/4)|A2 x|
    w:loo. Ba-lu la low,_ lam-my, ba-lu_ la_ low.