T:Beautiful Dreamer
	C:Adapted for NAF by Julia Gatliff
    C:Words and Music by Stephen C. Foster (1864)
    a g a |e3    |c3    |B ^A B |f3-|f3|
    e g f |f e =d|=d c B|c3-    |c3 |
    a g a |e3    |c3    |B ^A B |f3-|f3|
    e g f |f e =d|=d c B|A3-    |A3 |
    e =d B|=d3   |f3    |f e c  |A3-|A3|
    a g a |f3    |f2 a  |g a f  |e3-|e3|
    a g a |e3    |c3    |B ^A B |f3-|f3|
    e g f |f e =d|=d c B|A3-    |A3 |
    f g a |a e c |=d c B|A3-    |A3 |] 

Arrangement Note: Beautiful Dreamer was adapted to fit the constraints of flutes that have a range of an octave and a minor third, such as Butch Hall concert tuned flutes. Depending on the make of your flute, the high notes may or may not be accessible, so a couple of changes were made to the melody. In the 24th measure, the original melody note was raised to a D natural, which avoids half-holing. In the 31st measure, the first note was lowered to a high F sharp to fit the range of the flutes.