T:Carol of the Birds (colored for two flutes)
    T:El Cant del Ocells
    C:Arranged by Joan Johannes for a pair of flutes that play back and forth
    C:Blue flute is perfect 4th (five half-steps) below the Copper flute.
	  C:Traditional Catalan Christmas Carol
    %%MIDI program 74
    %%voicecolor darkblue
    F2 | Bc=de f2 z \
    %%voicecolor #B87333
    f | ec=de c2 z d |
    e=dff e3/d/ c2 | c4 ^ABc=d | B2 z B e=dcB |
    c2 z \
    %%voicecolor darkblue
    e/=d/ cded | f4 B2 z2 \
    %%voicecolor #B87333
    | c4 ^AB c/=d/e/d/ |
    =d/B3/ z B edcB | c2 z \
    %%voicecolor darkblue
    e/=d/ cded | f4 B2 :]

Arrangement Note: Intended to be played with a pair of flutes, a low flute in blue and a high flute in Copper. They are pitched a perfect 4th (five half-steps) apart, such as a middle F and high B-flat, or as a middle E and middle A.