T:Cherokee Morning Song (1)
    C:Arranged for NAF by Robert Gatliff
    c e | e2 c2-|c2 A A | F2 A2-|A2 c B | A2 c B |
    w:wen' de ya ho_ wen' de ya ho_ wen' de ya wen' de
    A2 F A | c e f/2e/2 e | f/2e/2 e c2 | B2 A2-|A2 y y :]
    w:ya ho ho ho ho He ya ho He ya ho ya ya ya_

Prayer Note: Repeat to each of the four directions.

Arrangement Note: This arrangement has a pickup mesaure so the flute starts behind the down beat. Also the melody is often sung in Blues Major Pentatonic which is problematic when played upon the common Minor Pentatonic flutes. By changing one note, the second 'ho' in the lyrics, the melody now fits the basic scale of the more common flutes.