T:Christ Liveth In Me (1)
    C:Transposed for NAF by Brian Vice (half-hole version)
    C:Lyrics by Daniel W. Whittle (1891) - Melody by James McGranahan
    F |d2 c B2 B | (BA) G F2 F|G2 B e2 g|f3-f2 e|
    w:Once far from God and Dead_ in sin, No light my heart could see;_ But
    d2 d (d c) d| f2 e B2 c | d2-d c3/2 F/2 c| B3-B2 z |
    w:in God's Word_ the light I found, now Christ_ live-~~th in me._
    d3 f3/2 e/2 d | c6 | c3 d3/2 c/2 B | A6 |
    w:Christ live-~~th in me Christ live-~~th in me,
    G3 B e g |f2 d B2 c| d3 c3/2 F/2 c | B3-B2 |]
    w:Oh! what a sal-va-tion this, That Christ live-th i me._
    W:2) As rays of light from yonder sun,
    W:The flow'rs of earth set free,
    W:So life and light and love came forth
    W:From Christ living in me.
    W:Christ liveth in me,
    W:Christ liveth in me,
    W:Oh! what a salvation this,
    W:3) As lives the flow'r within the seed,
    W:As in the cone the tree,
    W:So, praise the God of truth and grace,
    W:His Spirit dwelleth in me.
    W:4) With longing all my heart is filled,
    W:That like Him I may be,
    W:As on the wondrous thought I dwell
    W:That Christ liveth in me.