T:The Cruel War Is Raging
	C:Arranged for NAF by John Sarantos
    C:Traditional Civil War Era
    A|A2 A B|=d d3|e3/2 f/2 e =d|
    w:The cruel war is rag-~ing, John-ny has to
    f3 e|=d2 d c|B =d2 B|A2 B =d|
    w:fight. I want to be with him from morn-~ing til
    =d3 A|A2 A B|=d d2 d|(e3/2f/2) e =d|
    w:night. I want to be with him. It grieves_ my heart
    f2 f e|=d2 d c|B B3|A2 B =d|=d3 z|]
    w: so Won't you let me go with you? No, my love, no.