T:Firm Bound in Brotherhood
	C:Arranged for NAF by Dan Perra
    C:Official Song: Order of the Arrow (honor society of the Boy Scouts)
    C:Lyrics by: E. Urner Goodman (1921) - Music by: Alexi Lvov (1883) - Modified by: E. Urner Goodman
    c2 d1 d1   |c3/2 ^A/ F2     |f2 =f1 d1       |c2 d2 |
    w:Firm bound in Bro-~ther-~hood, Ga-ther the clan that
    B2 c2      |^A3/2 A/ A1 =c1 |c2 =c2          |^A4   |
    w:cheer-full serv-~ice brings to fel-low man
    B2 ^A1 =A1 |^A3/2 A/ A1 A1  |f3/2 =f/ d1 =d1 |d2 c2 |
    w:Cir-cle our coun-~cil fire, Weld tight-~ly ev-~'ry link that
    f2 =f1 d1  |c3/2 ^A/ F1 B1  |^A2 c2          |   F4 |]
    w:binds us in bro-~ther-~hood, Wi-~mach-ten-dienk.