T:God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (2)
    C:Transposed for NAF by Robert Gatliff (half-hole version)
    C:18th Century English Christmas Carol
    F|F c c B|A G F F| F G A B | c3 F|
    F c c B| A G F F| F G A B| c2 z c| =d B c d |
    e f c B| A F G A| B2 A B| c2 =d c | c B A G |
    F2 A/2G/2 F| B2 A B| c =d e f| c B A G|F3 |]

Arrangement Note: This arrangement requires the often difficult half-hole note. This songbook also provides an alternative arrangement that avoid half-holes with either trills or difficult cross-fingerings.