T:Hava Nagilah (2)
    C:Transcribed by Mark Rosenbaum - Arranged up by Robert Gatliff
    C:Chassidic Song
    B z B2 z d =cB   | d z d2 z f =ed  | e z e2 z =g fe    |
    [1 d2 (3=cBc d4 :| [2 d2 (3=cBc B4 |: d d2 =c BB B2    |
    =c c2 B AA A2    | A2 =c>B AA e2   | [1 d2 (3=cBc d4  :|
    [2 d2 (3=cBc B4 || e4 e4           | e2 e2 e2 e2       |
    (3eee =g>f eg fe    | (3eee =g>f eg fe        |
    (3fff a>=g fa gf    | (3fff a>=g fa gf        |
    (3fff =g2 (3fff =g2 | {B} BB (=g/f/e/d/) e4   |]

Arrangement note: To avoid half-holing, arranged up by a minor 3rd. In mearsure 15, G natural was used instead of the high B, which is beyond the range of the flute.