T:Here Away, There Away
    C:Transposed to NAF by Robert Gatliff
    C:Scottish Traditional, also known as 'Wandering Willie'
    C:Lyrics by Robert Burns (1793)
    e3=d (cB) | (A3B) A2 | B3 A B2 | c2 f4 |
    w:Here a-*wa', there a-wa', wan-der-ing Wil-lie,
    (e3=d) (cB) | A3 B c2 | f3 =f^f2| F6 |
    w:Here a-*wa', there a-wa', haud a-wa' hame.
    c2 f2 =f2| f3 g a2 | (e3 f) (e=d)|(c3 =d) e2 |
    w:Come to my bo-~som, my ain_ on-~ly dear-*ie.
    c2 f2 =f2| f3 g a2 | c3 B c2 | F6 |]
    w:Tell me thou bring'st me my Wil-lie the same.
    W:Winter winds blew loud and cauld at our parting,
    W:Fears for my Willie brought tears in my e'e,
    W:Welcome now Simmer, and welcome, my Willie,
    W:The Simmer to Nature, my Willie to me!
    W:Rest, ye wild storms, in the cave of your slumbers,
    W:How your dread howling a lover alarms!
    W:Wauken, ye breezes, row gently, ye billows,
    W:And waft my dear laddie ance mair to my arms.
    W:But oh, if he's faithless, and minds na his Nannie,
    W:Flow still between us, thou wide roaring main!
    W:May I never see it, may I never trow it,
    W:But, dying, believe that my Willie's my ain!