%%fingering P41
	T:Ho, Ho Watanay
	T:Oh, Oh Little One
    C:Hold-4 fingering for NAF by Robert Gatliff
	C:Iroquois Lullaby
    f2 (fe) e=d d2 | e2 (e=d) dB B2 |
	w:Ho, Ho_ Wa-ta-nay,|Ho, Ho_ Wa-ta-nay,|
	w:Do do_ mon pe-tit,|Do do_ mon pe-tit,|
	w:Oh, Oh_ Lit-tle one,|Oh, Oh_ Lit-tle one,|
	=d2 (dB) BA Ae | eB Be eB B2:]
	w:Ho, Ho_ Wa-ta-nay, Ki-|yo-ke-na, Ki-yo-ki na.
	w:Do do_ mon pe-tit, Et|Bonne nu-it, Et Bonne nu-it.
	w:Oh, Oh_ Lit-tle one, Now| go to sleep, Now go to sleep.

Arrangement Note: This arrangement uses the Hold-4 fingering which works on most 6-hole Minor flutes, but best on flutes that are tuned Minor Pentatonic Mode 4 or a combination that modern flute makers call Mode 1 and 4.