T:How Great Thou Art
    C:Arranged for NAF by Julia Gatliff
    C:Swedish poem by Carl G. Boberg became a hymn when sung to a old 
    C:Swedish melody, and is now commonly known by its English translation
    c cc|^A3 c cc dd|B2 d3 d dd|c3 ^A cc BB|
    ^A4-Ac cc|^A3 c cc dd|B2 d3 d dd|c3 ^A cc BB|
    ^A4-Ac cf|^a3 g f=f ^fd|c4-cf =f^f|B4-BB dc|
    ^A4-Ac cf|^a3 g f=f ^fd|c4-cf =f^f|g4-g^a g=f|f4-f|]

Arrangement Note: Some liberties were taken to fit this melody to the NAF. This required two notes to be adjusted. The highest and the lowest note were nudged into the range of the instrument. Sometimes compromises are necessary to arrange a melody within the constraints of this wonderful instrument.