T:Lubbock Lullaby
    C:By Peter Phippen, Album: Night Songs
    C:Transcribed by Julia Gatliff
    |: "'A'" (F2 B2 | !slide!f4 | !fermata!d4) | z (F d B | !fermata!A3) (B/2A/2 | !fermata!F4) | z4 :] 
       "'B'" (F2 B2 | !slide!f4 | !fermata!d4) | z (F d B | !fermata!A3) (B/2c/2 | d e3) |
       "'C'" (d2 c2 | B2 !fermata!F2) |z2 (F2 | !fermata!d4) | (B2 A2 | !fermata!F4) | z4 | (F d3 | !fermata!B4) |
       "'A'" (F2 B2 | !slide!f4 | !fermata!d4) | z (F d B | !fermata!A3) (B/2A/2 | !fermata!F4) | z4 | 
       "'D'" (F2 B2 | !slide!f4 | !fermata!d4) | z4 | (g3 f | d !slide! !fermata!c3)|z2 (B/2c/2 d | !fermata!e4|d2 !slide!c3/2 d/4c/4 | !fermata!B4) | z4 |
       "'B'" (F2 B2 | !slide!f4 | !fermata!d4) | z (F d B | !fermata!A3) (B/2c/2 | d e3) |
       "'C'" (d2 c2 | B2 !fermata!F2) |z2 (F2 | !fermata!d4) | (B2 A2 | !fermata!F4) | z4 | (F d3 | !fermata!B4) |]

Composition Note: Thanks to Peter Phippen for the contributing ' Lullaby ' from his album Night Song. This transcription is a simplification of the recording, not all embellishments are included, such as trills and pops. The melody is broken in 4 repeating parts (A,B,C, and D), each is given its own line for easy of learning. This melody was originally written on an older Butch Hall flute that played the octave note by covering the two center holes. This entire melody could simply be played by only using those 4 other finger holes. Being a copyrighted piece, it may not be reproduced in any other form (except for your personal and non-commercial enjoyment as provided here) without the written consent of the artist.
© 2003 Peter Phippen.