T:Midnight Snow
    C:Composed by John Sarantos
    F A B-|B2-B/2 z/2|F A B-|B3| B c2| 
    w:Mid-~night snow__ Mid-~night snow_ Please hear
    A2 B-|B2-B/2 z/2| F A B-|B3|F A B-|B3|
    w:my call__ Mid-~night snow_ Mid-~night snow_
    B c2| A2 F-|F2-F/2 z/2|F A B-|B2-B/2 z/2|
    w:please com-~fort me__ I have laugh-ed,_ 
    F A F-|F2-F/2 z/2|F A B-|B2-B/2 z/2|B c2|A2 F-|F2-F/2 z/2|
    w:I have cried.__ Here I lie,__ my time to die.__
    F A B-|B2 A|B  c2-|c3/2 z/2 F|A B2-|B A B|
    w:Hear the owl_ call my name,_ Now's the time_ of my
    c2 A-|A F2-|!fermata!F/2 z/2 F A| B-B2|
    w:jour-~neys_ end._ Mid-~night snow._
    F A B-|B2 F|A F2-|F2 z|]
    w:Mid-~night snow._ Mid-~night snow._

Composition Note: Thanks to John for the contributing ' Midnight Snow '. Being a copyrighted piece, it may not be reproduced in any other form (except for your personal and non-commercial enjoyment as provided here) without the written consent of the artist.
© 2000 John Sarantos.