T:O' Carolan's Farewell to Music
    C:Arranged for NAF by Julia Gatliff
    C:Melody by Turlough  O' Carolan (1670-1738)
    Bc | =d2 cB A2 Bc | =d2 cB A2 de | f2 ef =d2 cB |
    B4 A2 ef | =g2 ga f2 fg | edef B3 ^A | BAFe =dBc^A |
    B4 B2 :| F2 | AFcF A2 AB | AFcF A2 F2 | B^ABc B=AFA |
    c4 BcBA | G2 GA F2 f=g | edef B3 ^A | BAFe =dBc^A |
    B4 B2 |]

Tradition says this was the very last song Turlough played before going up to bed where he and his harp went to heaven.

Arranger's Note:
In order to transcribe this melody to NAF Tablature, two liberties were taken. The first is that several phrases were moved down an octave below their original notes. This was done to accommodate the fact that the note range of this song extends well beyond the range of a contemporary NAF.

The second liberty is that I had to substitute two notes from the original. This was again a range issue, where the tablature note needed would have fallen below the lowest F# note. This occurs in measures 9 and 10.

In addition, the tablature for this tune makes use of a half-holed note, the G#, which I usually try to avoid, but in this instance felt it could be used successfully. This occurs in measure 13.