T:How to play the Major Scale
    T:bottom hole starts CLOSED
    %%fingering P14
    K:E treble
    L: 1/4
    F | G | ^A | B | c | d | =f | f | g | ^a |

Although our Minor Key flutes are typically optimized to play the Minor Pentatonic scale, they can also play the Major scale by using the above fingering. For example, an A-minor flute can also play the A-major scale. There are two common ways of doing this. One requires [1/2] Half-Holing the bottom hole and the other does not. Half-Holing is not reliable on many flutes, even with practices, and this is the reason we provide you two ways of playing the Major Scale. If you start the scale with the bottom hole closed, you must either half-hole the bottom hole as you ascend the scale or completely omit this pitch. The other approach is to start the scale with the bottom hole open, and that is illustrated on a separate chart.