T:Scout Vespers (2)
    C:Played to the melody of O' Christmas Tree / O' Tannenbaum
    C:Arranged for NAF by Dan Perra
    F| B3/2B/ B2 c2| d3/2d/ d3 d| cd e2 ^A2| c2 B2 !breath!z F|
    B3/2B/ B2 c2| d3/2d/ d3 d| cd e2 ^A2| c2 B2 !breath!z f|
    fd g3 f  | fe e3 e       | ec f3 e  | ed d2 !breath!z F|
    B3/2B/ B2 c2| d3/2d/ d3 d| cd e2 ^A2| c2 B2 !breath!z y |]
    W:1) Softly falls the light of day, 
    W:While our campfire fades away. 
    W:Silently each Scout should ask 
    W:Have I done my daily task? 
    W:Have I kept my honor bright? 
    W:Can I guiltless sleep tonight? 
    W:Have I done and have I dared 
    W:Everything to be prepared? 
    W:2) Listen Lord, oh listen Lord, 
    W:As I whisper soft and low. 
    W:Bless my mom and Bless my dad, 
    W:These are things that they should know. 
    W:I will keep my honor Bright, 
    W:The oath and law will be my guide. 
    W:And mom and dad this you should know, 
    W:Deep in my heart I love you so. 
    W:3) Quietly we join as one, 
    W:Thanking God for Scouting fun, 
    W:May we now go on our way. 
    W:Thankful for another day. 
    W:May we always love and share, 
    W:Living in peace beyond compare, 
    W:As Scouts may we find, 
    W:Friendships true with all mankind. 
    W:4) Quietly we now will part, 
    W:Pledging ever in our heart, 
    W:To strive to do our best each day, 
    W:As we travel down life's way. 
    W:Happiness we'll try to give, 
    W:Trying a better life to live, 
    W:Till all the world 
    W:Be joined in love, 
    W:Living in peace under skies above. 

Note: The Boy Scout Vespers is a traditional song of the Boy Scouts of America. Vespers are typically sung at the conclusion of the day or service, such as at the end of a campfire service.