C:Arranged for NAF by Robert Gatliff
    C:Irish traditional
    c|B3/2 ^A/2 B c|f =f c ^A|B ^A F F| F3 f| f3/2 g/2 ^a g|
    f/2 =f3/2 f ^f|=f c ^A B| c3 f |f3/2 g/2 ^a3/2 g/2|f/2 =f3/2 f ^f|
    f3/2 c/2 ^A B| c3 c|B3/2 ^A/2 B c|f =f c ^A|B ^A F F| F3 |]
    W:O, Father dear, I oft times heard you talk of Erin's Isle,
    W:Her valleys green, her lofty scene, her mountains rude and wild;
    W:You said it was a pleasant place wherein a prince might dwell,
    W:Why have you then forsaken her, the reason to me tell?
    W:My son, I loved our native land with energy and pride
    W:'Til a blight fell on the land and sheep and cattle died,
    W:The rents and taxes were to pay, I could not them redeem,
    W:And that's the cruel reason why I left old Skibbereen.
    W:It's well I do remember on a bleak November's day,
    W:The landlord and his agent came to drive us all away;
    W:He set my house on fire with his demon yellow spleen
    W:And that's another reason why I left old Skibbereen.