T:Star Spangled Banner (1)
    C:Arranged by Mary Munarin (half-hole version)
    C:Patriotic - Original melody by Richard John Samuel Stevens (approx. 1773) 
    e/2c/2|A c e| a2 c/2B/2|A c d|
    e2 e/2e/2| c3/2 B/2 A|G2 F/2G/2|A a e| c A c/2c/2|
    c =d e|e2 =d/2c/2|B c =d|=d2 d| c3/2 B/2 A|G2 F/2G/2|
    A c d|e2 e|A A A/2G/2|F F F|B =d/2c/2 B/2A/2|
    A G e/2e/2|A3/2 B/2 c/2=d/2|e2 A/2B/2|c3/2 =d/2 B| A2 y|]

Arrangement note: The range of pitches in ' Star Spangled Banner ' far exceeds the capability of this style of flute. Some players use two flutes to cover the range. This arrangement is for one flute and has lowered multiple sections of the melody to fit the flute. To avoid the high A-sharp, this arrangement does require half-holing. Because of these significant changes, this arrangement should probably be consider a solo piece.