October 30 - November 3, 2023

FluteTree Foundation at Camp Capers R. Carlos Nakai and the FluteTree Foundation Board invite you to join us at a flute gathering with workshops exclusively for intermediate to advanced players. The event fee covers lodging, meals, and instruction from our nine instructors. Several pricing options are available depending on the type of lodging chosen. Our beautiful home for this event is Camp Capers, on a bluff above the meandering Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country, about 50 minutes from the San Antonio International Airport.

Our workshop theme is Elevate Your Playing, and our goal is for every attendee to leave feeling that they are a better player than when they arrived. The presenters and instructors for the event include all members of the FluteTree Foundation Board of Directors:

  • R. Carlos Nakai
  • Randy McGinnis
  • Dr. Paty Bay
  • Mary Superak
  • Charles Wagers
  • Nancy Ohlendorf
  • Keith Stolle
  • Robert Gatliff
  • Julia Gatliff

Upon check-in at the event, you will be assigned a 10-minute slot in which you will play flute for a small group of teachers. The purpose of this time is for the instructors to assess where you are along your flute journey and what skills would most help you to elevate your playing. These small, informal sessions will be held the evening of October 30 and the morning of October 31. The results will be shared with each partcipant in written form before musical instructon begins on Oct. 31, and indicate areas in which we would suggest you to put additional focus, both during the event and after you go home. These are aspects of musicianship that will specifically benefit you, based on how you currently play. We want all attendees to feel comfortable during this evaluation process, so know in advance that R. Carlos Nakai will NOT be one of the teachers who listens and evaluates attendees.

Planned topics at the 2023 Gathering will include but are not limited to:

  • TABlature systems
  • Dynamics
  • Phrasing/Breath Control
  • Rhythm
  • Alternate Scales
  • Vibrato
  • Ornamentation
  • Playing Styles
  • Improvisation
  • Performance

We have made an effort to achieve balance between learning time and free time, with daily opportunities to do whatever your heart desires – play flute alone or with others, take a walk, socialize, prepare for the concert, etc. Come prepared to have a great time.

Flute Sales - In addition to having flute vendors who are eager to sell their wares at the Gathering, we will have an area set aside for folks to bring flutes that they are interested in selling or trading. If you have flutes or flute related items that need a new home, please bring them for the Sell or Trade table(s). FluteTree Foundation will also be bringing flutes for sale that have been donated from various estates.


Monday, October 30 - Friday, November 3, 2023

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You can email FluteTree@gmail.com with additional questions.

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