The Basic scale, also known as the Minor Pentatonic scale, builds upon the Starter scale by adding two more pitches. This pair is left out of the Starter scale because their fingering can vary by flute maker. The different fingerings are viewable by selecting different flute makers with the drop down list that is found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will automatically refresh the finger chart.

Basic scales work well for improvised duets. This simple set of pitches has few combinations that do not produce strong harmony. Adding more pitches to this scale actually makes it harder to improvise duets. Many find this is the only set of pitches they ever need to learn, and they become so comfortable with these notes that the flute becomes their second voice. The FluteTree songbook includes some melodies that use no more than these few notes: Dakota Love Song 1, Dakota Love Song 2, Duck Dance, First Steps, Land of the Silver Birch, Midnight Snow, and Swing and Turn, Jubilee.

This wonderful scale can be expanded one note at a time and extend ones repertoire into blues, jazz, and other styles. Sometimes this is possible by just borrowing a new pitch or two from the Extended scale.